Safety and Security

Sustainable Choices 2040 lists safety and security as the first priority of the transportation system. This pillar builds on the second and third factors of MAP-21 to “increase the safety [and security] of the transportation system for motorized and non-motorized users.” The concepts of safety and security include crash data statistics, tracking and understanding regional commodity flows as they relate to hazardous materials and potential exposure, and coordinating with agencies in charge of emergency vehicle access. During the development of LRTP, community members also provided input regarding the safety of streets without sidewalks or lighting in the region, as well as a disconnected regional bike network that can make biking unsafe in different parts of the community. Learn more about the National, State, and local LRTP goals for transportation safety and security. 

Following performance measures were developed to help CUUATS staff track the progress of safety and security of the transportation system in the urbanized area.

Total fatalities

• Total fatalities per 100M VMT

• Total “A” injuries

• Total “A” injuries per 100M VMT

• Total bicycle crashes

• Total pedestrian crashes

• Frequency of incidents related to hazmat spills on the regional transportation system