Number of new rural transit connections and number of rural transit trips

Champaign County Area Rural Transit System (C-CARTS) provides public transportation for residents living in rural areas of Champaign County. The service provided includes demand-response transportation and deviated-fixed routes. The demand-response service operates throughout the county within rural areas or between rural and urban areas. The deviated-fixed route service currently only operates in Rantoul. In November 2018, C-CARTS revised its deviated-fixed route into three shorter deviated-fixed routes to improved travel times.

A new rural transit connection, the Rantoul Connector, was created in November of 2016. The Rantoul Connector provides fixed route service between Rantoul and Champaign-Urbana. In November 2018, C-CARTS added a stop at Round Barn in Champaign and increased the service frequency. The route currently makes stops at three transit hubs in Champaign-Urbana, in addition to stops at both major hospitals.

Although there were improvements to C-CARTS service in 2019, no additional rural connections were added to the rural transit system. C-CARTS provided 33,108 one-way trips, including both the demand-response service and fixed route service, which is an increase of 53.1 percent in ridership from 21,623 one-way trips in 2015.