Number of new rural transit connections and number of rural transit trips

Champaign County Area Rural Transit System (C-CARTS) provides public transportation for residents living in rural areas of Champaign County. The service provided includes demand-response transportation and deviated-fixed routes. The demand-response service operates throughout the county within rural areas or between rural and urban areas. The deviated-fixed route service currently only operates in Rantoul. In November 2018, C-CARTS revised its deviated-fixed route into three shorter deviated-fixed routes to improved travel times.

A new rural transit connection, the Rantoul Connector, was created in November of 2016. The Rantoul Connector provides fixed route service between Rantoul and Champaign-Urbana. In November 2018, C-CARTS added a stop at Round Barn in Champaign and increased the service frequency. The route currently makes stops at three transit hubs in Champaign-Urbana, in addition to stops at both major hospitals.

Although there were improvements to C-CARTS service in 2018, no additional rural connections were added to the rural transit system. C-CARTS provided 28,942 one-way trips, including both the demand-response service and fixed route service, which is an increase of 33.8 percent in ridership from 21,623 one-way trips in 2015.


Rural Transit Connections and Trips PM Summary

Goal Increase accessibility, connectivity, and mobility of people and freight to all areas of the region through the use of an interconnected multi- modal system of transportation that is cost-effective for people, businesses, and institutions that will increase the efficiency of the transportation system by allowing freedom of choice in all modes of transportation including active modes whenever possible.
Objective Increase the availability of public transportation options between the Champaign-Urbana urbanized area and other locations within the MPA by 15% by 2020.
Performance Measure Number of new rural transit connections Number of rural transit trips
2016 Rating

In November 2016, C-CARTS started the first deviated-fixed route between the Village of Rantoul and the urbanized area. The opening of this service brought convenient public transportation options to Rantoul residents. Positive rating.

C-CARTS provided 21,119 one-way trips in 2016, a slight decrease (2.3%) from 2015. Negative Rating.
2017 Rating

During 2017, no additional connections were added to this service. Neutral rating.

C-CARTS provided 22,367 one-way trips in 2017, an increase of 3.4% from 2015. Positive Rating.

2018 Rating

During 2018, no additional connections were added to this service. Neutral rating.

C-CARTS provided 28,942 one-way trips in 2018, an increase of 33.8% from 2015. Positive Rating.