Number of new partners identified

Building partnerships with different organizations and individuals help expand CUUATS’ scope of education and encouragement regarding the different transportation modes, facilities, and benefits in the community.

In 2019, CUUATS collaborated with the following organizations: Prairie Cycle Club, Smile Politely, City of Champaign Neighborhood Services Department, East Central Area Agency on Aging, Sidewalk Labs, VeoRide, and Tolono Public Library.

In 2018, CUUATS developed an additional five partnerships including the following organizations: Future Cities at the Urbana Middle School, AARP Age-Friendly Champaign-Urbana, Mid-West Truckers Association, Iowa Department of Transportation, and the Champaign County Farm Bureau.

In 2017, in addition to CUUATS member agencies, CUUATS collaborated with US. EPA and the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation on different transportation-related plans and projects in the region.

In 2016, CUUATS collaborated with the Urbana Park District, Champaign Park District, Champaign County Bikes, Urbana School District, Champaign Unit #4 Schools, Urbana Police Department, Urbana Fire Department, and Champaign Fire Department on different transportation-related plans and projects in the region.