Multimodal Connectivity

This pillar combines MAP-21 factors four, six, and seven with LRTP: Sustainable Choices 2040‘s intention of providing and coordinating all transportation modes to get everywhere in our region. By focusing on providing as much access to as many different places as possible for all transportation modes, this planning pillar aims to increase accessibility and mobility of people and freight to all areas of the region, enhance the ability to connect different modes when necessary or cost-effective for people and businesses, and to increase the resource efficiency of the transportation system by allowing for the use of more active and non-motorized modes whenever possible. Learn more about the National, State, and local LRTP goals for multimodal connectivity. 

Following performance measures were developed to help CUUATS staff track the connectivity of the transportation system in the region.

• Miles of existing non-ADA compliant sidewalks

• Miles of trails infrastructure

• Miles of bike infrastructure

• CU-MTD service area contained inside urbanized area

Percent increase in enplanements at Willard Airport

• Number of new rural transit connections and number of rural transit trips

• Number of new partners identified

• Number of public events with materials available