VMT per household

Maintaining the number of annual vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the urbanized area is an effective strategy for minimizing increases in infrastructure and maintenance costs. Simultaneously encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation can allow for increased roadway capacity while still keeping infrastructure and maintenance costs low.

In 2018 (the most recent data available), Champaign-Urbana urbanized area residents traveled 880.5 million vehicle miles in total, a decrease of 2.1 percent in the total number of VMT from 2014. The VMT per household has reduced by 6.4 percent in the urbanized area from 2014 to 2018, the equivalent of 999 vehicle miles per household.

The table and chart below show total VMT, total household, and VMT per household in the urbanized area from 2000 to 2018. Note that the urbanized area boundary, defined in the U.S. census, changed in 2010, and was reflected in American Community Surveys since 2012. The change in the urbanized area boundary explains the increase in total household number and decrease in VMT per household since 2012.

Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled in the Urbanized Area

Yearly VMT in Million677.81
Total household49,71952,68850,93152,16252,77652,51152,30653,09957,68357,57458,005
VMT per household13,63616,24616,76716,33416,03016,85316,92016,30915,16415,40915,50415,35714,95414,77414,505
Data Source: VMT data from Illinois Department of Transportation, household data from American Community Survey 5 year estimates, U.S. Decennial Census.