Acres of agricultural and open space available

This performance measure uses the Cropland Data Layer (CDL) from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). CDL land use categories, including “Developed”, “Developed/Open Space”, “Developed/Low Intensity”, “Developed/Med Intensity”, ” Developed/High Intensity” were summarized as “developed land”. “Undeveloped land” refers to all the other land use categories, including “Forest”, “Open Water”, “Wetlands”, “Grass/shrubland”, “Barren”, and all land uses identified as croplands. The overall accuracy for this land cover dataset in Illinois is 96%.

Please note that this dataset is most accurate for conducting regional/national analysis rather than local applications according to USGS. However, this is the best data currently available that enables us to track basic changes in land use in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA).

In 2019, approximately 31.1 percent of the land in the MPA was developed, which showed no major change from 2015.

Land Use Change in the Metropolitan Planning Area

Area Percentage2010201120122013201420152016201720182019
Developed Land29.6%30.9%30.6%30.7%31.2%31.1%31.1%31.1%31.1%31.1%
Undeveloped Land70.4%69.1%69.4%69.3%68.8%68.9%68.9%68.9%68.9%68.9%
Data Source: USDA NASS CropScape and Cropland Data Layers