Balanced Development

This pillar is based on the desire of community members to support diverse and environmentally responsible types of development without encouraging sprawl or sacrificing important historical structures or new business opportunities. In addition, basic services, transit to employment centers, and quality infrastructure should be more evenly distributed across the region and reasonably accessible from every neighborhood. Community members expressed a clear interest in reinvigorating downtown areas by promoting urban infill, as well as fostering more mixed use development in different parts of the urbanized area during the development of LRTP: Sustainable Choices 2040. This planning pillar builds on MAP-21 planning factor number five to promote growth and development in a way that maximizes valuable and limited financial and environmental resources. In addition, this pillar reflects MAP-21 factor number eight (that emphasizes the preservation of the existing transportation system) in that it incorporates the appreciation for existing local assets expressed in the public input received. Learn more about the National, State, and local LRTP goals for balanced development. 

Following performance measures were developed to help CUUATS staff track the level of balanced development happening in the region.

• Acres of Agricultural and Open Space Available