Number of short term projects completed according to various C-U SRTS project plans

There are a total number of 52 projects listed as high priority in C-U Safe Route to School (SRTS) plans developed for Stratton, Dr. Howard, South Side, and Prairie Schools. The South Side and Prairie Schools SRTS plans were completed in 2016. Therefore they were not included in 2015 and 2016 implementation assessments.

The table below shows the implementation status of the high priority projects proposed in the SRTS plans. Some of the non-engineering projects were proposed to be held on a yearly basis, hence the varied implementation levels for those projects from year to year.

Number of High Priority Projects listed in CU-SRTS projects

Number of short-term/ high priority projectsEngineeringEducationEncouragementEnforcementEvaluation2016 Implementation2017 Implementation2018 Implementation2019 Implementation
Total projects171097554%41%39%46%
Stratton School SRTS Plan (2010)4445167%36%47%44%
Dr. Howard Elementary School SRTS Plan (2011)3000042%42%40%47%
Prairie Campus SRTS Plan (2016)83423-38%18%25%
South Side Elementary School SRTS Plan (2016)23101-49%52%66%
Data source: Dr. Howard SRTS Plan, Stratton SRTS Plan, Prairie Campus SRTS Plan, and South Side Elementary School SRTS Plan