Accessibility and Affordability

This pillar expands MAP-21 factor number four (to increase accessibility and mobility of people and freight) to include affordability as it is closely tied to many forms of accessibility. Public input for LRTP: Sustainable Choices 2040 reflects dissatisfaction with the uneven distribution of businesses, housing options, and educational opportunities between neighborhoods, which themselves are often somewhat segregated along racial, ethnic, and/or income lines. Access to affordable and reliable transportation is essential to widening opportunities for all people by connecting them to jobs, schools, health care, food, and other resources. Learn more about the National, State, and local LRTP goals for accessibility and affordability. 

Following performance measures were developed to help CUUATS staff track residents’ accessibility and mobility to all areas in the urbanized area through different modes of transportation.

• Number of direct transit routes between neighborhoods and major employers

• Number of short term projects completed according to various C-U SRTS project plans

• Number of car share locations

• Amtrak ridership

• Alternative fuel station