Annual LRTP Report Card (2019)

The Champaign-Urbana Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP): Sustainable Choices 2040 includes performance measures to track progress toward the completion of each LRTP goal and objective. CUUATS annual LRTP Report Cards have been serving as the performance measure documentation for the LRTP, since the LRTP 2035: Choices was approved in 2009. Find historic LRTP Report Cards here.

The LRTP: Sustainable Choices 2040 was approved in December 2014. The performance measures are organized by the LRTP 2040’s six planning pillars: Safety and Security, Resilient Economy, Multimodal Connectivity, Accessibility and Affordability, Healthy Neighborhoods, and Balanced Development, with 2015 as the baseline year.

Find the 2015-2019 performance measures result scorecard here.


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Rafsun Mashraky                                                                                  Ashlee McLaughlin
CUUATS Transportation Planner                                                      CUUATS Transportation Planner